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Oct 27, 2012 11:00pm EDT
spending, more red tape, more debt and decline. a loss of hope. the united states senate, run by the president's party, has not passed a budget in more than 3.5 years. that is irresponsible. and reckless. now the president is demanding another tax increase on small businesses that would destroy more than 700,000 jobs and drive our economy of the fiscal cliff. here in missouri, we count on coal for 82% of our electricity. calldent obama's were on -- war on coal is threatening higher electricity prices for families and job creators. we cannot go on like this. this election is not about president obama, the person. it is about his failed presidency and failed leadership. our country is going in the wrong direction. and mitt romney is the only leader who can turn this economy around. did americans back to work, and build the better america our parents worked and sacrificed to make possible. that is the opportunity before us. and it is the one that we must seize, for the sake of our children and the future of our great nation. god bless your families and may god continue to bless t
Oct 29, 2012 12:35am EDT
some distinguished guests with us i'd like to recognize. lieutenant brian kelly. the next united states senator from michigan. our soon to be representative in the 11th congressional district, county commissioner laura cox and the mayor and sheriff. before i introduce our special guests the great friend of michigan former first lady laura bush was not only a strong advocate for women's health issues but she's made a global awareness to the all the world women's health. she should be acknowledged for that. along with her very tender and soft voice for aids awareness on a global basis. she started in 2007 the laura bush institute for women's health. all of america was so supportive on that horrible day in september 2001. [applause] in a week, we in michigan are going to make history for america, aren't we? [applause] i was worried that you aren't fired up. are you fired up? [applause] well, these debates summed it up pretty well, didn't it? and the verdict is in barack obama cannot defend his first term. and you saw those debates which we saw three different barack obamas, the sleepy, the
Oct 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
's recent opinion in the united states versus jones. that was a case that was narrowly decided by justice scalia largely on a trespass and installation of gps device. there seems to be almost a shadow majority in the case. the reason i am thinking about jones and answering this question is that i think the court has become increasingly aware of the role technology is playing in a law-enforcement world. it has clearly shown sensitivity to wear lines need to be drawn. one of my favorite lines that we cited frequently and our bruce -- it is by justice o'connor, who on the one hand groped in 1983 -- views on the fourth amendment have evolved over time. from arizona versus evans, a sayscase, justice o'connor the police should not be denied benefits of new technology. at the same time with new technology comes the burdens of constitutional responsibility. in thinking about this case, we would want to the court to affirm the decision of the florida supreme court, we would also like the court to take a half step forward and said, we recognize the value of these techniques, but they need to be use
Oct 27, 2012 8:00pm EDT
to a balanced budget. not bad, huh? we are now the number four job creator in the united states and number 1 in the midwest. why? because of all of you. but the problem we have -- every day i think about these numbers and these headwinds that keep pushing us back. and the head winds are coming from washington. there are a lot of people here that are small business people. you are the heroes. the small business people deserve a great round of applause for what they do in employing our families. [applause] when we have a federal government that has a $16 trillion national debt, i can't even figure out what those numbers are. we have got these young people here, like my daughter's. we do not have the right to make them pay for the rest of their lives for the fact that we could not get our spending under control. it would be no different than running up credit card bills and passing them on to our kids. we would not do that. so why do we let the government do this? it is time to end that. we have got to move to a balanced budget. it will give us more success. you know, they are talking about --
Oct 14, 2012 6:30pm EDT
this is about 10 minutes. >> this is a gentleman -- i've been in the united states senate for 17 months. this is a gentleman who took me under his wings. this is someone i call a real trusted friend. this is someone when the republicans take the majority of the united states senate, this gentleman is going to be the chairman of the finances committee. what a difference. what a difference that will make for america. so let me introduce you. >> thank you so much. helller deserves election here. he's a terrific addition to the senate. so get out and tell everybody to vote for joe heller. they are really good candidates. what did you think of that romney debate? the democrats couldn't admit they got beaten so they started calling him a liar. how about our boy paul ryan, wasn't he great? you can see what a great team they're going to make. vine a true policy walk. he's one of the brightest guys in the house of representatives. we can't wait to make him vice president of the united states. but mitt romney is the key to turning this country around. mitt romney everywhere he has gone, every job
Oct 15, 2012 12:55am EDT
? ryan is a true policy wonk, we cannot wait to make him the president of the united states. mitt romney is the key to turning this country around. [applause] mitt romney -- everywhere he has gone, every job he has undertaken, he has been successful. this is a fellow of tremendous intellectual power, a tremendous background, a background of success, and a person who can literally pull this country out of the mess it is in. it is in a mess, and it will not get any better if we lose here. we are not going to lose. i can tell you right now, romney is going to be the next president of united states and paul ryan will be the next vice- president. [applause] i am very honored to be with my two colleagues here. dean heller, he will be a great senator for nevada. i am deeply honored to be with the governor here. she is a terrific human being. a republican winning in a democrat state in mexico. she is going to make the difference in our senate race down there. we support her with everything we have got. i will turn the microphone back to him so he can introduce year. we are grateful to have you a
Oct 27, 2012 3:26pm EDT
like the united states, frankly. and but what's been happening in the last decade is also true in the -- you do see it. i haven't done this kind of analysis because those data aren't available to me for other countries. but all the normal indicators of how well those economies are performning say that they've been under performing in much the same way the united states has been underperforming for the last decade. which again leds credence to the notion that what this is about is sobalization and information technologies and the shift in the relative value of intangible assets versus tangible assets. >> isn't the big difference the health care point you were bringing up? >> you're right. >> i work in tr. mine is kind of a propronged step out. my apologies. first one is in terms of the access to financial markets and what that has to do with america. i see those [inaudible] talked about the savings rates. these are potential access to the markets. how would you say -- financial -- all those different that didn't cause crash that are actually useful in terms of creating assets fo
Oct 28, 2012 6:30pm EDT
is that bob casey has done nothing for six years. he has not introduced one bill passed in the united states senate. he fell asleep and tom smith moved up. to criticize tom smith for being tea party tom, i love it. a lot of people embrace the policies of the tea party. >> tea party, smith is not going to sell to the south part of the state. i have no problem with tom smith spend the money from his personal fortune. that is fine. calling senator casey empty. that is wrong. he has been on the front lines of protecting workers' rights. he has made sure our environment has been kept clean. and safe. he has been a leader. senator casey has been a leader on education. he has been an outstanding leader on foreign policy, standing up for allies like israel. senator casey has been an outstanding senator. for tom smith to suggest otherwise is wrong. it is fine for tom smith to go on the air and compare his ideas for example wanting to shut down medication -- medicare as we know it. that is a legitimate debate to have. but going on the air and sending $20 million to attack senator casey is what people
Oct 8, 2012 12:30am EDT
asked why are you running for the united states senate? the answer is simple. i have six grandchildren and future generations will be guarantee america's promise for prosperity. that promise is rapidly slipping away because our economy is on the wrong track. 170,000 people woke up in our state this morning without a job. we can get our economy back on track if we get our people back to work. i have a plan to do that. i have been there. >> thank you, dennis, and thank you to channel 3. you know, i'm a product of connecticut's middle class. my grandfather worked in the factories of new britain. my grandmother is a retired teacher from new field. i believe i need to stand up for the middle class families that meant so much to my family. it is why i passed connecticut's stem cell law which is saving lives and putting people to work. i went to congress to stand out for -- to stand up for manufacturing. it is a very different story from linda mcmahon's. she has shown over and over again that she stands up for herself and her profits at the expense of the people she works for and the state. i
Oct 14, 2012 9:55pm EDT
united, which was pretty well known. the supreme court of the united states decided that corporations and unions could make up limited financial contributions. on limited anonymous expenditures. independent expenditures, so- called. they left a narrow opening, that is that congress could legislate to acquire disclosure. at least you would know who was putting up the money. if someone wanted to buy south carolina for newt gingrich, you would know who is putting up of money. i think he overpaid for south carolina. [laughter] that was his choice. 59 senators on one side of the aisle, myself included, voted for what we called culture to move the debate forward. one republican senator who stands up to provide the 60th vote. they had seen what happened and they were wiser. today, you see the emergence of the giant super packs, anonymous contributions. where's the money coming from? where is the chamber of commerce getting that money. corporations? nobody knows. a lot does not require disclosure. but that sort of paints the picture as to how a gunshot -- how gun chart -- how gunshot people a
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10